The Ultimate List Of Dos And Don?ts Before Booking Your Honeymoon!

Honeymoon is one vacation that needs meticulous planning. Sure, it?s all about fun and relaxation but if you plan ahead you can be more relaxed on your actual honeymoon. We?ve listed down the ultimate list of dos and don?ts BEFORE you book anything on your honeymoon!

Don?t let someone else plan your honeymoon

We all understand that wedding planning takes its toll and its bliss to delegate. But this is one task that you shouldn?t. The honeymoon is all about your personal space so a third person may not understand what you like when you relax or want to vacation.

Do pick the right deal

A honeymoon is one vacation where a little extra spending is allowed. Don?t go for that ?lowest price? deal for your honeymoon. Hunt a little extra and you may get something unique at a good rate.

Don?t copy someone?s honeymoon itinerary by the word

While asking for references and research is great, but don?t just carbon-copy someone?s honeymoon, even your bestie?s! While you might be great friends, chances are that your partner?s choices are very different from those of your best friend. So understand what you two want to do as a couple and plan it accordingly.

Do participate in the planning

Don?t let one partner do all the bookings, however well you know each other. If you don?t have time, look through the final plan once at least before you spend that money.

Don?t let gorgeous pictures fool you

Don?t look at pictures of clear blue waters in Seychelles and book a resort. Read the reviews on various portals, check guest photos instead of property ones, talk to travel agents like Tristar Africa Skimmer Safaris and then book!

Do check holiday time

While we have summer vacations in mid-year, it doesn?t work the same everywhere. While December and January are peak wedding/honeymoon months, most of the world is on Christmas vacation or summer vacation in the Southern hemisphere. For example ? Bali is one of the most wanted honeymoon destination, but since Australia has breaks for school in December-Jan, Bali is filled with tourists. So check that while planning.

Don?t pick a sight-seeing destination when you want to relax

Most couples want to relax on their honeymoon. Don?t do a complete Europe package where you are running city after city, when you really want to sit on a beach and get massages.

Do book your adventures and activities before hand

Most places which are known for its adventure sports or activities, like bungee jumping in New Zealand, gets booked out very fast. So if you are planning to visit that city only for that activity, make sure you check before you book.

Don?t leave immediately after the wedding

While honeymoons are fun when you are still soaking in the wedding bliss, take a day or two off before you go anywhere. Chances are that you are still exhausted from the wedding functions and you don?t want to spend your first few days sleeping off the exhaustion.

Do heck weather and political scenario

Given global warming, weather is super unpredictable these days, so check in prior. Also, check if there is any kind of unrest happening in the area you plan to visit. Most cities/towns shut down when there is any unrest, so you may lose out on precious time.

Don?t forget medication

And by that we don?t mean first aid kit. If you are travelling to more exotic locations, ensure you research which immunizations are needed. Make sure you get them well before your honeymoon to ensure they give you adequate protection.

Do have an extra set of eyes

Once you have planned the entire trip, make sure you show it to a friend or family, before you book things. Chances are that you and your partner may miss something out in the wedding planning frenzy so a third perspective helps.