Late Honeymoons; Here Is Why It’s Okay And Nice To Go For A Late Honeymoon

By Robert K James

A common adage says that ?better things come to those that wait for them?. Why taking a late honeymoon like Darphine and Alan McKenzie plan to is now a growing trend in the marriage industry.

For centuries, the rules of advice prescribed that newlyweds go for a vacation immediately after their wedding. This rule of advice further elucidates that a marriage should be welcomed by a honeymoon to get rid of the wedding preparation stress and for the couple to connect more and build a special intimacy without the interruption of children, family or friends.

However, sometimes circumstances may find you in a unique or difficult position that you may not go for that honeymoon immediately. It is okay to take a late honey for different reasons.

Alan McKenzie and his wife Darphine Kisakye got married in November, 2016 but they intend to go for their honeymoon in late March or early April, 2017. Their decision to hold the honeymoon was down to timing.

Their wedding came at a time when they had a seven months old daughter, who Darphine as a mother could not leave behind for a honeymoon. The couple decided to wait to for their daughter turn one (on March 19th) before going for their honeymoon booked in Bali, Indonesia.

Alan and Darphine join a growing number of couples who choose not to take their honeymoon instantly after tying the knot.

For Ann and Joel Niwagaba of Munyonyo, his unprecedented work schedule that involved a workshop in Nairobi compelled them to postpone their honeymoon. Joel only learnt of their workshop barely a fortnight to their wedding and there was nothing much he could do to change the situation.

His wife was understanding and welcomed the decision to differ the vacation. Three months later, the couple went for their honeymoon in Zanzibar. It even gave them some more time to make extra savings for the occasion.