Angela and Solomon’s introduction decoration mesmerizes village.

Introduction parties come and go every couple thrives to make a mark on the day. Bingo! others hit the mark and others stretch past the limit and step into the disaster zone. All in a bid to leave a trail about their unions and graceful ceremonies. Angela and Solomon hit the target. They not only left the village at a standstill but set an example that every deco house should pick a leaf from.

Their ceremony decoration was floral. Everything was far from the basic introduction cliche arrangements. The theme colors were cool but bloomed with utter sophistication .The guest tents were lined with ivory blue ribbons and blush rose pink petals and cascades of white cloth. For Angela and Solomon a vine-covered arch decorated with a garland of full pink, royal purple floral and a dash of some gold fabric.It was totally mersmerizing!

The couple attributed the wonderful creativity to Bloven Events Cake & Decoration Service Provider. See for your selves;