Everything You Need To Know About A Wedding Cake Tasting

If you?ve been more excited about your wedding cake tasting than any other wedding planning activity thus far, we don?t blame you. A whole afternoon spent indulging in desserts with the person you love? Sounds pretty perfect to us. But there?s more to a cake tasting than just eating lots (and lots) of cake, so read on to find out what to expect from your tasting, and how to get ready for it!

Start by doing some serious research.

Talk to your married friends (or just your dessert-loving pals!), think about wedding cakes you?ve enjoyed in the past. Next, narrow down your list of possible bakery options and start making some calls (That should be easy because Mikolo has listed them for you). It?s a good idea to schedule an in-person consultation with the one or two bakeries you?re considering. A tasting may come with a fee, so be sure to ask if/how much the consultation will cost, and if that fee will be applied to the price of your cake if you choose that bakery.

Know your budget.

You want to get a realistic idea about the type of cake you can have based on your budget, so being upfront with your baker about how much you want to spend will ensure you get the best possible confection within your price range.

Have some ideas about flavor and style.

If you love chocolate cake, or red velvet is your favorite, let the bakery know you?d like to sample those flavors. Likewise on frosting: If you know you want buttercream and not fondant, or you only like cream cheese frosting, let your baker know.

It?s also helpful to have some ideas about the desired look of your cake. Do you want sugar flowers? Real blooms? An elaborate watercolor design? Bring some images you?ve saved