How To Do Without Wedding Meeting

Wedding meetings sometimes suck. One can receive so many invitation messages from different people to attend their wedding meetings. But you can be so different from the rest and organise your wedding without disturbing your friends to attend your meetings. Here are some ways how to pull off a wedding without meetings;

Send messages

You can be Unique and chose to send messages to people who you will trust and attach a budget on that message. You can go ahead and inform your trusted people with the mobile money number or bank account in case of any contribution. This will ease off the burden of people leaving their homes or workplace to go and attend your meetings

Save up

You start saving up. Every month you can at least save 200k, after 17 months that will be 6.8m. You can surely start moving around through family and friends for top up and be sure that your budget is set. In that way, meetings can be avoided there and then.

Civil marriage

Today?s youth have seriously opted for civil marriage. It is very cheap and affordable. All you need is simple monies to organise a luncheon for your close friends and family. The only money you can spend on is the marriage certificate you sign in front of the judge. By doing that, you can avoid wedding meetings and be happy.

Sell the invitation Card

In another simple way, design very nice wedding cards and put them on sale. You can make it clear to your invited guests that before one can access, the function he or she has to pay for the invitation cards. When you get that money, it can help in paying service providers.

Use Mikolo Wedding Planning Tools

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