How To Be A Great Wedding Usher

When it comes to wedding advice, nearly everything you read or hear will be centered around the bride and groom. That?s certainly understandable. After all, this is their big day and they are rightly the center of attention. But there are other members of the wedding party who have important responsibilities on the big day, and they could probably use a bit of helpful advice as well.

Take wedding ushers as an example. Often they?re are seen as just a simple way for the groom to include his best friends in the wedding party. But wedding ushers have a pivotal role to play, both before and during the ceremony.

So, for the moment let?s set aside any advice for the bride and groom, and concentrate on what wedding ushers need to know to make their friend?s wedding all that it can be.

The Honorable Usher

First things first. While ushers may not have the highest profile when it comes to members of the