EVERY Engaged Couple Should Consider These New Year Resolutions

With a brand spanking New Year on the horizon, the time has come to reflect on 2018 and make goals and plans for the year that lies ahead. Whether you make yearly resolutions or are a first-timer, all engaged couples should think about making (and sticking to) these New Year’s wedding resolutions for a better 2019 ? and an even better time planning your wedding.

Read Every Contract Twice
Contracts are legally binding agreements that are often worth big bucks. Be diligent when you sign your contracts, and read every single one twice (at least) to be certain you know exactly what’s outlined in the agreement. If there’s anything that doesn’t look right or that you don’t comprehend, always ask for written explanation and confirmation before signing on the dotted line.

Keep Everything in Perspective
While wedding planning is certainly bound to become a big part of your universe, it shouldn’t become the center of it. Don’t let wedding planning take over your life. Keep your relationship, work obligations, social life and self-care as all equal parts of your focus in addition to planning. The result will be a more balanced daily routine and your priorities will be kept in check, along with fewer feelings of being overwhelmed and exhausted.

Minimize the Drama
From being snippy with your spouse-to-be, short with your future in-laws or impatient with your wedding vendors, make it a plan to minimize the drama and up the peace in 2019. Sound impossible? There are simple steps you can take to ensure things are a big more pleasant and happy. A golden rule ? to think before you speak ? can do wonders for keeping conflict at bay. Deep breathing, and taking time to process your feelings before reacting to them are also super important to help foster and maintain positive relationships and communication, versus negative.

Be Budget Minded
It’s too easy to get spend-crazy and carried away when hiring vendors and selecting purchases for your big day. If you’ve been going a bit overboard, make it a goal to stick to your budget this year. Track your expenses, add up your receipts and keep an eye on your bottom line. As important as your wedding day is, nobody wants to be a broke bride (or newlywed).