A bad cake could ruin your introduction or wedding impressions; here is why

Yesterday was my colleague’s birthday and unfortunately for me, I missed eating a share of his cake because I was unable to reach the venue for the celebrations. Whether he will keep my share of it until we meet or not, I don’t know for sure.

Actually the incident reminded me of September 2013 when I missed a cousin’s wedding in Munyonyo. That day too, I missed eating cake of course. Like musician Juliana Kanyomozi, I love eating cake and it’s one of the key things I love about attending ‘kwanjula and wedding ceremonies’. None of them goes down without a cake.

It’s a very important piece and part of an event to the extent that even some couples argue about it. Many disagree on what type of cake they should have for the ceremony; chocolate, coconut or tradition fruit, name it all in terms of flavours. Some even disagree over who the supplier should be.

In the numerous marriage events I have attended, I have often heard background voices commenting about a couple’s cake. Some say and I quote, “their cake was fake, it wasn’t sweet” while others ever question in wonder about who made such a bad cake.

It’s a huge disappointment about impression many guest carry home as they leave the reception. While it’s often the last meal served at the venue, it’s also the first official meal a bride serves her husband and what they serve their invited guests as a couple. If it’s not nice, then you have made a very bad first impression as a husband and wife in terms of serving meals.

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Robert K James