Liz’s short hair catches our attention as two become one

Short hair brides in our industry are as scarce as a yam flower. The chances of you or us seeing one (a short hair bride) in a year are often a ratio shy of our chances of seeing a griffin.

In other words, they come in short supply but, the beauty of it is that they are always unique and stand out.

So far this year we have been blessed to see two of them. Liz caught our attention with her short hair elegance as two become one.

First, as she introduced her better half Jeff Ssemakula, the proprietor of Makula Pictures earlier this month and again yesterday as they tied the knot in a civil wedding marvel.

The two lovebirds are now husband and wife.  “Today is a good day to get married,” Makula noted on their Twitter handle.

Congratulations to you Liz and Jeff. We wish you a happy life together.