I met my girlfriend in the bar—Roden Y Kabako reveals

Yusuf Ssenabulya, commonly known by his stage name, Roden Y Kabako of Team No Sleep has gone ahead to reveal that he met his girlfriend, Jazira Ddumuna, real names—Namuddu Jazira, in the bar.

“I met my wife in the bar,” the energetic stage performer noted before adding that it was at “Déjà vu in Kasanga, the same place where the Late AK47 met his death.”

“I was emceeing that night at the bar when she came and tipped me in appreciation of what I was doing. It wasn’t much money. It was just twenty thousand shillings (UGX. 20,000) but the words that accompanied it caught my attention,” he further narrated in an online interview with Extra Digest.

He soon gave up the microphone and followed the girl and there was no looking back ever since then.

“We have been together for many years. I got her around 2013.”

Kabako recently came out and announced, through a series of social media posts on his Facebook page, his plans to legalize his relationship with the Nkima clan girlfriend.

This week on Wednesday, 17th February 2021, he officially launched his introduction ceremony campaign at Red Terrace in Bunga where celebrities and well-wishers joined him and made their financial contribution towards this cause.

The customary wedding function is slated for 8th April this year, somewhere in Mpigi District.