Black, Gold and White Flourish in a Modern Secret Garden Theme At Kalyn?s Baby Shower

Kalyn'a Bay shower

By Robert K James

It?s not very common that you have a black as one of the colours for a baby shower, but if you?re doing it for someone as fancy as Kalyn, then you will definitely consider it especially when the occasion is a surprise.

Sunday 9th February 2020 was that special day at Protea Hotel by Marriott Kampala Skyz, also commonly known as Skyz Hotel, Naguru for Kalyn?s beautiful baby shower.

Black, gold and white with shades off-white were the colours of choice that flourished in a modern secret garden theme ?for a polished and contemporary finish? that it was.

?The hanging floral garlands created an ethereal atmosphere with a massive visual impact,? Giselda Sensation, the venue decorator noted.

The hanging white and off-white blended floral was quite magnificent, but, as if that wasn?t enough, Giselda Sensation dazzled the entire setup with some flowery designed napkins not to mention the hosting crystals and floating orbs.

Kalyn'a Bay shower



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