Balloons Rock Carol?s Picnic and Pastel Colour Themed Baby Shower At Kaazi Beach Resort

Carol's baby shower via

By Robert K James

Leonardo de Vinci once said that ?simplicity is the ultimate sophistication?. And indeed it is, based on the facts we gathered from Carol?s baby shower by Eventique.

Sunday 7th July 2019, the skies were blue and the cools winds were blowing off the lake. The environment and the weather had conspired to create the perfect day. And yet, it was still not fully perfect until Eventique put their classic touch to the beach venue.

It was a picnic and pastel colour themed baby shower for Carol at Kaazi Beach Resort. Peach, lilac and mint green were the colours of choice for Carol?s special day. She turned up in a beautiful yellow dress.

After all was done and dusted?when everything was set for the day, Fauziah, who was one of the brains behind the entire theme and setup said ?the picnic and pastel theme? stood out for her.

?The organization of every detail, the picnic theme, the pastel theme and unique setup. It was a think out of the box idea,? she noted.

And instead of chairs, they opted for cushions and wow!!! I was impressed.

Carol's baby shower via



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