Stellas Fancy And Girly Baby Shower In Pictures.

The joy and excitement of welcoming a baby into this world today has been stepped a notch higher. It’s now way past the cheesy moments of buying beautiful colored and woolen warm tiny pieces of baby clothes. Past combing the Bible, Quran and consultations of fancy names. It’s the 21 century! The century were baby coming into this world without a shower is a taboo! Unthinkable, an abomination! *Read with a finger snap!*

Stella squad did not take the matter lightly. All dressed in floral patterned outfits and bright yellow for baby mummy to be, the girls rocked the hell out of the day! It was totally a lovely, girly, chick and cozy affair. And AlexanderPhotography did an awesome job in capturing these wonderful memories.

Congratulations Stella may you live so long to see your baby’s baby shower featuring on #Mikolo .