Five Causes of Unending Relationship Problems

1. Immaturity: If the relationship is infested with one or two immature people, it is likely to have a lot of problems. Immature people are like children, they just refuse to reason and so any small disagreement leads to a serious problem. You see how a child throws tantrums and even stops talking to you over a small thing, same with immature people in relationships.

2. Selfishness: Very similar to immaturity is selfishness. Some people want to be in relationships, but still want to be single: “no, you found me like this, you can’t change me.. you have to take me as l am, blah, blah, blah,” This is a relationship, you must learn to compromise, accommodate and bend a little. You can’t always have it your way. If you want things your way all the time, be single. And if you are the only one changing and compromising, my friend you are in trouble.

3. Foolishness: Let’s face it, some people in relationships are just damn right foolish. You know very well what you are doing may hurt the other person, but you still go ahead and do it. What do we call that if not straight stupidity? When you are dating a foolish person, you are in trouble. They have no heart, their ‘moral consciousness’ is dead and they’ll deliberately do things knowing they are hurting you and they don’t care at all. If you have such a person in your life, may God deliver you.

4. The Third Voice: Have you ever wondered how all of a sudden someone changes. Everything used to be just ok, and then all of a sudden, (unfortunately this is very common during wedding preparations). Someone just becomes difficult. You know what? A third voice came in. This is usually someone who thinks they know what’s good for you when they were not there from the beginning. Watch out for the third voice.

5. Forced Partnership: Sometimes we just force it. You know and you know very well this is a wrong person for you, but you force it, hoping it will work. And in most cases, it doesn’t work. When two people are wrongly together, fights are inevitable. It’s like fixing a wrong spare part on a car, it won’t move. Same with relationships, if you are wrong for each other, it is not going anywhere no matter how much you force it. And sometimes we force it because of church, family, the community. “No, l don’t want to disappoint them.” But then you yourself you are disappointed with the person you thought was Miss or Mr Right, and you don’t want to disappoint who? Are you serious? If it ain’t working, it ain’t gonna work. It’s your happiness at stake.