TheBigWedding2018 Winning Couple In An Epic Pre-wedding Photo Shoot

Daniel and Sandra

By Robert K James

When Daniel wrote that; ?In walked arguably the most beautiful thing I had seen all week. There wasn?t a lovelier on sight on God?s earth than the beautiful Sandra?, it was easy to rub off this description of his significant other as a biased opinion inspired by love and perhaps the saying that ?everyone is entitled to his opinion? would come in handy.

But if you take time and look closely enough, you may certainly agree with him. Sandra is without a doubt very beautiful. TheBigWedding2018 winning couple was recently captured in an epic pre-wedding photo shoot by MB Image World.

The photo shoot captured the lovely couple in different locations among which included; along the Entebbe-Express highway and at a light evening dinner. Daniel and Sandra really looked stunning.

Makeup by: Hairbyzziwa
Photography: MB Image World

Daniel and SandraDaniel and SandraDaniel and SandraDaniel and Sandra Daniel and Sandra