TheBigWedding2018: Brian Bamuteeze and Esther Amaso love story

Nothing excites man like a call from lottery club saying you won a jackpot. Oh My God!! I don?t know how you would feel because you don?t know how I felt. The good and best days begin as a rare day of life for any man. It wasn?t a jackpot but an introduction function, my first that I attended. It was the same feeling I had when I was told of this function.

Just like in the traditional single sex schools with SOSH (Leavers?) parties, it all began in a joking way, during the greeting session of an introduction function (traditional marriage) and to the dance session. During the greeting session, I spotted this lady. At the dance floor, I picked interest and befriended her, we danced, from Just a Hi, to simple self-introductions (Brian-Esther), to exchanging numbers, music was played, sang and danced. It never lasted long as the DJ said bye/good night. It was annoying and before long she was picked by her sisters and left.

Absence sharpened us for a great friendship, presence strengthened it to the greatest relationship. At distance, calls made us better friends each day that came by, our friendship grew stronger as months passed by. She invited me for her sister?s graduation party. Without hesitation and second thought, I traveled eighty kilometers to attend. It was exciting and fun meeting again.

The warm welcome, exclusive treatment, the good meals I enjoyed were not only limited by home curfews, but also a new school term opening. Not wanting to leave, I said bye unwillingly. It was a painful bye as it would take us time without hearing and seeing each other.

While at school (her A-level) I joined university too in the same year 2009. For almost two years we kept communicating on phone, sms, but less meetings. With the school schedule we didn?t communicate enough and a gape was created because she was in boarding section. I got exposed to many other girls with whom I had unsuccessful relationships. They broke my heart but kept remembering Esther the friend I meet and made at a function. She was the first cut.

She joined university in my third year 2011, our communication refreshed, more time was created and had less curfews. This marked the beginning of a new stronger relationship. We had all the time to learn and speak about us. Her thoughts and behavior were different from the other ladies I met at campus. I liked her personality, she was different. In one of our outings, I confessed my feeling towards her. It was an evening at Bamboo Annex Bugoloobi a Kampala suburb. ?That?s so fast,? she reacted. For a moment I was silent but later reacted, ?It?s better I confessed to you now than later,?

At University she visited regularly, came unannounced. It was stressing but fun later, she found me real. We shared pocket money, snacks and attended fellowships together. She meant the whole world to me, walked on streets holding hands. We utilised promotions like mtn zone, spoke till late. Enjoyed music, sang and dedicated songs to each other, in joy and hardships we sang. It was fun.

Our relationship grew stronger day after day, months after months, year after year we are still strong and bonded together as best friends, and at times sister and brother to each other.

Our life wasn?t only a bed of roses and stage to sing and dedicate all kinds of melodies. It was a field of challenges that put our love life to threatening tests. They checked us if we supported and trusted each other.

The first of its kind was when my contract expired and not renewed, financial challenges stepped in, destabilized us, different thoughts/advices came in, her friends advised her to leave me. It was that fast, yes it was because of the group she had. I was helpless as she kept asking what my next plan was. Other challenges came in sisters advised her to leave, and this time I knew anytime she would leave, it was stressing.

Surprisingly she always remained calm and humble. One day she came home I remember, found me in my room hopelessly. She asked if she could do anything to save the situation but had no answer. I think she smelt mistrust towards her and told me, ?I kindly ask you to trust me. I will give you my shoulder to lean on. It will be well my friend if work together and trusted God.? This kept us together and stronger, she sang me a song Ability by radio n weasle, from which she picked phrases like olina ability, kozeesa any opportunity (you got the ability, use any opportunity) which kept me running and even loved her more. Listening to her dedications and advice made me stronger, she had the potential, I was and still proud of her.

Esther later got a job as a waitress in a restaurant, for a while we survived on that. As I also got kyeyo (temporary job) where I worked for one and a half months. It was through the little we gathered and opened up our own business (restaurant) that saw us through as we both worked as waiter and waitress. She got a better job after a like year. The challenges we both passed through kept us close and trusted each other even when life had changed. We always stayed firm and encouraged each other spiritually, physically and emotionally.

We were also blessed with a baby (Our Remix)
In this situation, I also learnt songs like Potential by Radio n Weasel in which I also picked phrases (gw?ewanzigya musapatu ne ndaba engaato, you are a woman of class coz you got potential) and sang to her in appreciation that got me with nothing and both got to something. She is my bread and butter. Nkumila omukwano by Azziz Azion and Tonefulila by Sylva Kyagulanyi were other songs that I learnt, loved added and dedicated to her.

In August 2017, I asked for her hand in marriage which she accepted to spend the rest of her life with me. With great joy I took her to my parents officially. My parents helped to approach her parents as tradition holds it through letters to express my interest in their daughter and as well prepare for our introduction ceremony.

All was successful by God’s Grace, we held our introduction on 30th, September, 2017.Working together and as a team has kept us one. Knowing each other’s weak point was one thing but helping each other to overcome created a good relationship. Establishment of our relationship on a stronger friendship foundation has kept our values and love for one another. Above all the fear of God, Good Communication, trust and faithfulness has seen us through the challenges.

I am her LOVE, she is my HONEY.


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