TheBigWedding2018: Raymond Muganyizi & Eunice Kagoya’s love story

It wasn?t love at first sight, I think I had to look a little more closely. Way back in high school (2011), two beautiful souls from different circles of life met. During this time we were separated by the subjects, I was in the science class while she was in the Arts. What kept us in touch was the General paper class and also the fact that we shared the same parent teacher ignited our friendship not a ??relationship??. This is how we wrapped up our S.5 just as mere friends.
In S.6 the chemistry started, I now saw her differently but couldn?t confess my feelings because of the stringent rules that condemned coupling at school.

The combustion just kept blazing inside me. As the year went by we moved closer to the prom party. This is when I suggested to her about being party date which she accepted but there emerged a constraint. The S.6 class had more girls than boys so our class teachers decided to have a ballot with girls? names. Here each boy had to pick two pieces of paper and whichever names therein were to be your party dates. I was so disappointed at this decision because I saw all plans being dismantled.

Boys one by one picked their pieces and now it was my turn, I said a simple prayer for God to help me pick the right person before reaching out to the ballot box. I then picked the first piece, opened it with my eyes closed, on opening my eyes, guess what I saw? It was her name on it!! I chanted for joy, made a loud shout, jumped up and down, I was so excited but no one knew the cause of my excitement. This was an answered prayer of its kind. The other piece didn?t mean anything to me at this moment.

I jubilated about this for almost thirty minutes only to realize my prom date was out of the room. I left the room as well to search for her. We met in the corridor as she came from the dormitory side, I gave her the good news. This excited her as well only to find ourselves hugging. Oh my God this was so tender, I couldn?t believe the reality that am getting the first hug from a girl who my heart really falls for.

The party was concluded so well, so glamorous and exciting. This was now the time to embark on academics as final exams were approaching but my concentration was too low at this point. All I could imagine was me and her for life. I gathered up all my manly effort to break out my feelings to her but failed. The other option was to write a letter.

In my letter I expressed all my feelings freely and then sent my little cousin to drop it on my behalf. This is the time I prayed most because just in case she handed over this note to the school administration, it would mark the beginning of my suffering in that school but thank God she was receptive. This is was how Raymond and Eunice started a journey of a thousand miles with just a single step. She accepted my love request and this fully affirmed to me that I had found the love of my life. I also came to understand that luck and chance happen to a prepared mind.

My friends told me to make her fall in love, I decided to make her laugh but every time she laughed am the one who fell in love all over again since my favorite place in the entire world was next to her. I think I wasn?t looking for, I just found someone compatible. I was not ready to go into the games people play for love, I just wanted someone to settle down with. The essence of it came to the fore when she accepted to love me the same way I did. There is nothing in this world than loving someone who loves you back the same way. I and Eunice are inseparable.

A year later, we started meeting and hanging out in place she liked most, turns out that decision would be extremely significant as she would become the woman I would marry. Eunice is a great woman and above all God fearing that I wouldn?t let go. I must say she is that woman talked about in Proverbs 31.

In our relationship, we have faced many obstacles and life altering experiences. However, our love has remained intact. It?s strong because God is at the Centre of everything and this journey is still going on after seven years which pushed to our engagement this year so we can take on the world.

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