Meet Adriane, The Girl Who Dared The Green Beads.

As experts in this bridal trade, there are colors we deem safe and unsafe for nuptial setups. But when someone manages to pull them off we take off our hats and salute.

Today we have a look at this bold bride who among-est all bright and calm colors on the bridal color wheel settled for green. Before you look at the pictures, you would wonder why a bride would ever want to accessorize in green. Not just green, but green beads!

Meet Adriane,

Adrine on her traditional ceremony twisted things up a little. In this era of color blending, Adriane decided to ‘color block.’ She wore green hand made beaded accessories on top of her mild make up, then a mono color mushanana. There was no glitter what so ever but she glowed. In her very own royal adriene way. And it was all splendid. Hi five Adriane.

Bigups to Genius media too for the incredible shots! See for yourself here;