Why It’s Not A Good Idea To Deliver Your Own Wedding Cake To The Venue

When planning a wedding, many couples prefer to be more engaged in each and every activity that has to do with their wedding?which is good by the way. However, some couples literally overstep in terms of what they should and shouldn?t do.

At the climax of July 2017, Ronald Mutibwa and Rachael Muyinza (not real names for the couple) held their wedding at UMA Exhibition Hall in Lugogo. For some reason, the bride insisted that she be the one to deliver her own cake to the venue, a decision that the cake supplier was totally against but didn?t have a bigger say in the matter?after all, the customer is the boss.

The cake was packed and handed over to her. The supplier asked to tag along so she could be the one to place the cake on its right table after the d