Many Came But I Chose Him! Joan Murungi Mukabya Introduces Fiancee To Her Parents.

It’s the pride of every parent for a daughter comes of age, acquired her education and comes home to say “Dad, mom, I have found someone”. Many waves of change might sweep across this once dubbed Dark Continent but one thing that will forever stay static is out tradition. Our culture, our roots, and our values. Well Joan Murungi Mukabya daughter to city pastor Mukabya did not disappoint.

On Saturday 25 Mr Mukabyas home was bustling with activity, incessant blurring car horns approach the courtyard. The long awaited guest had arrived. Amidst ululations he was welcomed to the well laid living room. A living room that hoisted memories of all the family happy times all engraved in photographs hung up on the wall. After welcoming the guests and were well settled in the pensive virtuoso of a spokesperson with honey oozing words from his mouth starts his art. The ladies exit the room.

In the changing rooms Joan and sisters are getting ready. After negotiations Joan is presented flanked by an aunt and smiling sisters. Formalities begin and the ceremony is wrapped up by a sumptuous dinner.

Congratulations to Joan and kato may the good lord grant all your hearts desires in this journey of two.

Photo credit:OnyxPicturesPhotographyUganda