A Letter From A Wedding Planner: What Your Wedding Planner Wishes You Knew

Your wedding planner is there to coordinate your wedding event and ensure you stay on schedule while averting any sort of disasters that might come up. While his or her job may seem perfect and flawless, most wedding planners will tell you that their job is not exactly a walk in the park. Here are some of the things that they really wish you would know as a couple.

They are not exactly your personal assistant

While you expect the wedding planner to run the event, there are some tasks that are just not meant to be done by them. Running your personal errands like taking care of babysitting, calling the service guys or anything like that should be taken care of by the couple?s relatives.

Your wedding planner has a grand role of carrying out wedding related roles, ensuring that there is coordination and that timelines are met. They are not going to carry out these roles efficiently if you still expect them to be running after toddlers or wild teenagers.

They are not here to handle your family drama

Wedding planners are paid to coordinate your wedding. However, they are not here to handle every challenge that is encountered during the event.