Why Does Love Hurt so badly When It Goes Bad

As much as love makes you float in the skies, it can also put you down to the dumps just as quickly.

Poets pine about the pain of love just as much as they croon about its beauty.

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For someone who enjoys love, it’s natural to fall in and out of love now and then.

But all of us know the fact that love does have its dark shades too.

Something that can give so much happiness can also take it all away in a few moments.

So where does this immense power of love come from, and why does love hurt so much even though we’ve learnt to handle it through our experiences?

Why does love hurt so much?

Love is a sensation, just like heat or cold.

We can’t see love or feel it outside our bodies like we can feel the breeze or the blazing sun on our skin.

But just like hunger or pain, love is a sensation that’s experienced in our brain.

Pain sears through your body when you are physically wounded. It’s a defense mechanism of your body to let you know that something’s not right somewhere. It’s also a warning signal from your mind to avoid such circumstances in future.

And just like that, love hurts for the same reasons too. It is your mind’s way to let you know that something’s not right inside you.

Five reasons why love hurts more than anything else

Love can hurt a lot emotionally. But almost always, love blends with other emotions that add to the painful sensation. Here are five most common emotions that get associated with love when it’s going bad.

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#1 Fear

#2 Anger

#3 Helplessness

#4 Loneliness

#5 Jealousy .

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