Kwanjula or Kuhingira Budget Ideas That Every Couple Can Use To Estimate The Costs

Recently, we have been receiving a lot of requests as regards to the budgeting for an introduction ceremony. We took time off and consulted a number of people to find out how they made it under these harsh financial conditions. And these are some of the answers they gave us;

1. Maximize your rent space

For one Simon Kagoro, he told us that he had to shift from the house he was renting at 500,000 shillings a month to a single self-contained room at 200,000 shillings a month. He realised that he had a big house but most of the rooms were under utilized. This helped him to save up to 3.6 million on rent which was enough for the bride price after one year. He collected some contributions from the friends to raise the money for gifts and that was it. He got his woman.

Note: We also discovered that these days, most families return the bride price to the couple especially when it is cash to help them start their marriage in happiness rather than sorrow.

2. Commitment and Sacrifice

We also discovered that some people cheat all the way to the alter(multiple partners). They keep going back and forth under the false pretence that “This is the last time”. In most cases, such people end up being abandoned at the alter. For Iryn, she said that commitment to one another helped them to plan and make their wedding a success.

3. Knowing the financials of your partner

Kim shared with us the financial aspect of an introduction. It is very easy to do an introduction when both the man and woman have stable and relatively paying jobs. It is also very easy to do an introduction when the families of both or either of the two