This Is What A Modern Day Fairytale Love Story Is Actually Like

You meet somewhere ordinary, like at work or at your friend?s birthday pregame or in a class at your university. The day is ordinary. It?s raining or freezing or sunny or a little bit humid.

Maybe you talk about the rain or the humidity for a little bit. You have an ordinary conversation because you?re trying to test out the spark between you and its ability to survive amidst the most boring conversation topic that exists.

You talk a little bit more, and you realize absurdly quickly that you like this person. They?re funny or warm or intriguing. The conversation was effortless, and it was only cut off because someone else had to step in. You give each other wary smiles, like you?re not sure what?s going to happen next.

You feel like an idiot, because you?re more giddy than you want to admit about the mere