10 Relationship Deal Breakers From Real Couples

Do you have any relationship deal breakers that you?ve let your significant other in on? Or unspoken rules about fidelity, finances or something else? We asked couples their thoughts on what their relationship deal breakers were and why, and here were the top 10 results:

Knowing what your deal breakers are is important to any couple considering marriage, as if you are both committed to the relationship, then knowing these will give you the best chance at success throughout your future together.


This one almost goes without saying, but for couples who aren?t in open relationships or polyamorous relationships, being unfaithful is a big deal breaker. Many mentioned this when asked about relationship deal breakers. For some, it extends all the way from emotional cheating to the physical act of cheating or sexting, and for others, it may only be feelings that are considered as cheating, but all had the same underlying message- lying to your partner, in general, is unacceptable in every circumstance and most people won?t tolerate it.

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