I knew she didn’t like me at all—Marlon as he weds Doreen

Muwonge Marlon weds Muganwa Doryn via mikolo.com

You don’t need to talk to a grown-up man to know that for any male being, approaching the woman you like can feel like a whole mountain to climb—even teenagers can attest to that.

A lot goes through one’s mind as you ponder the move, asking yourself whether she will be receptive to your approach. Unfortunately, oftentimes, the answer in one’s head is a resounding no. It’s just the honest truth and as Marlon Muwonge would attest, it wasn’t any different for him as he courted Doreen Muganwa.

“One day I ran into her and her cousins on their way back home from the library, my heart started pumping fast. I said hi and pushed them back home while footing together. I was nervous because I knew she didn’t like me at all,” he revealed to this website.

But like Jim Watkins once said, “a river cuts through a rock, not because of its power, but because of its persistence”, Marlon had to persist in order to win over his now fully wedded wife Doryn Muganwa.

When he won over, he wasted no time popping the question. (‘Will you marry me?’) Marlon proposed on July 25th, 2020 before the two lovebirds held their kukyala on 4th October 2022 and subsequently their gusaba.

The former 2015-2016 Miss Nkumba University queen and Marlon recently exchanged their vows at a beautiful white wedding ceremony. Congratulations to you both.