I met my husband 10 years ago on a train—Diana as she introduces Abel

Who knew that language barrier in a foreign country would be a blessing in disguise!! Because that’s what it turned out to be for Daisy Diana Kisembo, who on Saturday 11th September 2021 introduced her heartthrob Abel to her family, relatives and friends.

Diana met her Togolese-born husband, who she describes as caring and understanding on her maiden trip to Belgium.

“I met my husband 10 years ago on a train when I had just moved to Belgium,” the bride told this website.

“Because of the language barrier I couldn’t read or speak French so I couldn’t figure out where I had to stop to get to my destination,” she further narrated.

“I asked Mr. Abel whether he could help me with the directions to get to my appointment he gladly accepted and when went off the train we walked together to where I had my appointment, so since then we have never left each other’s side.”

On 9th September 2021, Diana hosted Abel at her parent’s home for their kukyala and just two days later, the two were traditionally hitched at a successful customary wedding ceremony.

Shots powered by: Garay Photography