I met Prossy in a church singing group—James after being introduced

Prossy introduces James via mikolo

After years of courting, on Sunday 17th October 2021, James was introduced by the love of his life Prossy to her family members, relatives and friends a beautiful customary wedding ceremony at her parents’ home in Mutungo.

James reveals that he “met Prossy around the end of 2016 in a church singing group. We became friends in 2017.”

“Our bond was so close that people thought we were in a relationship. We started moving out together and shared a lot as friends until one day around June 2017, when I decided to ask her out,” the groom narrated to this website.

“At first, her response wasn’t positive at all. All she claimed was that we are good friends and she didn’t want our friendship to just end like that. But as a man, I had already decided to go to the battlefield no matter what.”

“All of a sudden things started working out mpola mpola (slow by slowly), we started calling each other ‘SWTY’. I can’t explain how but I just saw. Ever since, we’ve been in a relationship together. She’s been my best friend ever—we’ve gone through a lot,” he further explained.

Sometime in 2019, the couple started making plans to make their love official. However, it didn’t go according to the plan.

“In 2019, we made plans for our functions. Unfortunately, we postponed them to 2020—then Covid hit, but made a decision to make our kukyala on 20th December 2020.”

James also noted that; “we’ve been in a relationship for over four years, but all we can say is to thank God for the journey so far trekked.  I would like thank Swty Wa Swty for being patient with me and pray for more blessings ahead. For sure Katonda yabadde mweno ensonga, it’s been God from Day 1.”

Following the introduction, the couple plan to tie the knot at white wedding on 12th December 2021.

Photography by: Alpha Visuals