Uganda Hosts Nigeria As Brenda Takes Franklin Home At a Beautiful Kuhingira

Brenda introduces Franklin via mikolo
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There?s only one universal language that all human beings speak and that?s the language of love. It?s the language that breaks down natural barriers of ethnicity, tribe, natural impairments like for the blind, deaf and dumb.

And even when those barriers supersede cultural differences, true love often finds a way when you least expect it?even when you?re thousands of miles away from home. It?s no surprise that Nigerian born Franklin and Brenda beat the barriers of borders to make it work.

It was a-Uganda hosts Nigeria affair as Brenda took Franklin home and introduced him to her family members, relatives and friends as the two got traditionally hitched at a beautiful kuhingira ceremony.

Daddy Andre entertained the guests at the customary union of the two lovebirds. Congratulations Brenda and Franklin.