Flavia Tumusiime Shows Off Baby Bump at Anita Beryl?s #BQWomensDay Luncheon

Flavia Tumusiime's baby bump via mikolo

By Robert K James

NTV news anchor Flavia Tumusiime Kabuura showed off her baby bump for the first time in public at Anita Beryl?s #BQWomensDay luncheon that celebrated special women in a special way on Thursday 12th March 2020.

The AM-to-PM Capital FM radio show presenter who is presumed to be about five or six months pregnant had a radiant glow on the day, clad in a velvet grey outfit like her coworker Maliaka Tenshi Nnyanzi.

Anita Beryl of Beryl Quoture-bq by celebrated her fellow women at a glamorous party dubbed the #BQWomensDay that was attended by carefully selected.

?What started as a simple idea in my head just to celebrate a group of people I felt are never really celebrated, was totally blown out of proportion by the God?s angels on earth,? Anita said in a lengthy post on her Instagram.

?U see all I wanted was that the ladies I pass every day as I go to the public bathroom, would see the other side of themselves the gorgeous, fabulous, and fun part, wanted them to know that we see them and we appreciate the work they do and we really are the same, we are both women struggling to put food on the table. I wanted them to feel loved and that?s why I planned this for them,? she further explained.

At the party, Flavia Tumusiime and Maliaka took ?over the event programme sharing their life stories with these ladies.?

Fatumah Asha was one of the other notable figures in the fashion industry that made it to the guestlist for the luncheon.



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