We Started Dating In My Second Semester?Deborah and David

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By Robert K James

Deborah admits to seeing David as early as 2013 when she was still in high school but also goes on to state emphatically that she wasn?t ?interested?. I?m not quite sure whether her teenage hormones had started to register her surroundings or it was the Christian saint in her that was asking her to stay clear of male creatures at the time.

Little did she know that they would even end up together, as a happily married husband and wife?but, like it?s often said, fate has a habit of not letting us choose our own endings. Destiny had them meet again.

?First saw him on my brother?s wedding in 2013, of course, didn’t pick interest,? the bride told www.mikolo.com before adding that; ?then in 2016 vacation met at Makerere as I was applying for my degree and became friends.?

We couldn?t help it but wonder how David had ended up on that guest list back in 2013 for Deborah?s brother?s wedding.

?He was the muko on that introduction,? Deborah revealed in an interesting turn of events.

Although Deborah admits that David kept on hitting and crushing on her after they became friends in 2016, she did not say yes to him until 2017.

?We started dating in my second semester of year one.?

Anything specific about David that eventually got you to say Yes?

His transparency and liveliness

So when did you first take him home for Kukyala/pre-visit?

We went to seek permission in November from my auntie to kukyala who surprisingly made our visit a kukyala and told us to proceed with kwanjula.

Interviewer: So she already knew you two were dating!!!

No, she didn’t know

Interviewer: But your parents were fine with it!!!

Yes, they were okay with it…

Deborah then went on to introduce David to the rest of her family, relatives and in-laws as well as friends at her parents? home in Busunju Town, Hoima road in Mityana District on Saturday 22nd February 2020.

How was the planning process for you?

Jesus!!! Had just left campus and was volunteering at Makerere University pharmacology department. Told my boss (Sandra) was getting married and she started giving me some allowance that I used to cater for all my out fits. My boss (Sandra) and Norah (our HR) plus my Brother practically handled all the meetings.

So do you have any advice for couples planning their own introductions?

They should entrust their introduction with someone they trust to the point that they just sit back and relax, otherwise stress can kill you if you get involved in any preparations.

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