Lesson: Diaspora Client Fails To Pay His Wedding Debts, Blocks Service Provider

It?s not unusual that someone fails to pay their debt on time. I would personally struggle to remember how many times I failed to repay my debts on time. Nonetheless, with straight forward communication and understanding colleagues, I was given the chance to pay on later dates. But, I never reneged on my promises to repay those debts. However, the same cannot be said for Mr. Moses Bagaga.

In Uganda?s wedding industry, it?s not strange that service providers go out of their way to render their services on credit to clients who may have shown commitment after paying their first deposits for a service. Without naming specific services providers I have crossed paths with in this case; cake bakers, photographers, caterers etc, have all offered services on credit out of the goodness of their hearts and trust that although someone failed to pay their full amount prior to the wedding day, they would eventually meet their debt. Because let?s face it, in the broader perspective of our economy with all its challenges, it?s understandable that a client would fail to meet their financial obligations and yet pushing a wedding date in some circumstance is almost impossible.

But from time to time, some clients have betrayed that trust. The trust they desperately and politely ask for during these times to make their big days a success. According to Koller Hiob K, the CEO of Catahena D