John Paul weds Edith Joy in an Enchanted Forest (Greenery and Wood) theme

Edith Joy + John Paul via mikolo

Captured by: Peak Shots Photography

Cassia Lodge in Buziga, a Kampala suburb, was the venue to which Giselda Sensation put their classic touch of decor to turn it into the glam that it was as John Paul walked Edith Joy down the aisle on Saturday 19th December 2020 at an astonishing white wedding ceremony.

“Every forest has a story to tell. When the paths of our minds and dreams met the wild natural side of the groom, we were almost immediately certain of what we were going to create,” a lead decorator at Giselda told this website.

It was an “Outdoor bliss” hosting the wedding in such “a beautiful landscape and serene scenery”.

Setting the tone for a merry season, dusty blues, dusty peaches and dusty roses as well as floral arrangements were the day’s chosen colours used to add a special charm to the natural beauty of the reception’s surroundings.

Surely, Edith Joy, in her beautiful body hugging and longsleeved wedding dress and John Paul on the other hand, clad in his three-piece multicoloured suit loved the venue, so much so that they had a photoshoot there before guests were ushered in.

And speaking from an expert’s point of view but also in prediction, Giselda Sesantion reckon that “one of the hottest trends that will dominate the events’ industry in 2021 is the color green”.

Venue: Cassia Lodge, Buziga

Theme: Enchanted Forest (Greenery and Wood)

Colors: Dusty Blue, Dusty Peach and Dusty Rose