Kirabo Introduces Ivan, Ivan Treats Kirabo To An Exciting Pre-wedding Photo Shoot

Kirabo introduces Ivan - Mikolo

By Robert K James

I once interviewed a gentleman in his late 50s during a personal escapade who told me as we discussed his 30-year-old marriage that ?if she takes you home to her parents, then she surely loves you?. Although it seemed a matter of personal opinion, I have come to discover that it is largely true?if she does take you home, then you?re the right significant other.

Now, not only did Kirabo invite Ivan home for his first official visit (Kukyala), she also went ahead to introduce him to the rest of her family, relatives and friends at a glamorous customary wedding ceremony.

And like the old adage goes that ?one good turn deserves another?, Ivan treated Kirabo to an exciting pre-wedding photo shoot in promise