We Met Through a Family Friend?Evah Introduces Ambrose

Evah introduces Ambrose - Mikolo

By Robert K James

So let the angels gather
Let the music play
Let the preacher get to preachin’ all the “do you take’s”
Love is a beautiful thing, sang Phil Vassar

Indeed love is a beautiful thing, and who better to explain it you than a fresh bride. On Saturday 27th October 2018, Evah Kukundakwe introduced her better half, Ambrose Ongol in a colour customary wedding ceremony in Wakiso District.

But first, a walk down memory lane as Evah recounts for us how it all started. How she and Ambrose met before even getting to this step of life.

?We meet through his mentor Apostle Batambuze who is our family friend. So on that day, we were going to a prayer jungle called ALONE WITH GOD and his mentor invited him to our prayer group. And that’s how friendship started,? she said.

Like someone once said, ?the best relationships start off as a friendship first?. Evah and Ambrose soon started dating after their friendship had grown. BUT, it wasn?t that easy. With Ambrose working and living in Lira, it was a long distance relationship for the couple. How is that kind of life? Some people say long distance relationships are hard to maintain. I asked.

?Haaaa?I must say it?s not an easy one, God has got to be at the center but above all trust each other and also communication is mandatory.? With God on their side, the couple had their Kukyala on Saturday 21st April as Ambrose made his first visit to Evah?s home in Kakiri. On the same day, he expressed his real intentions of taking Eve before he and his girlfriend?s parents agreed that he would later return in more official capacity to take Evah.

Although the norms of our society suggest that a customary wedding be held in a home, preferably of the bride?s parents and or, in some rare cases at her marital auntie?s home, for Evah, the case was totally different.

After one and a half months of planning, during which they had 5 meetings, Evah held her Kuhingira ceremony at Baguma Gardens in Bunamwaya. ?It was originally planned for kakiri where our home is but then we realized a lot of expenses would be needed and again we needed a limited number of guests on the function,? she clarified.

She adds that although they ?budgeted for about 300 guests?, they ended up with a total of ?about 400?. So how did you manage that on the D-day? Especially in terms of sitting and feeding. I inquisitively chipped in.

?We had tents arranged for the ?bako? (grooms) side, my family then guests. A buffet was organised by Baguma Gardens so for extra people. We agreed on costs and covered that too.?


Evah introduces Ambrose - Mikolo Evah introduces Ambrose - MikoloEvah introduces Ambrose - MikoloEvah introduces Ambrose - MikoloEvah introduces Ambrose - MikoloEvah introduces Ambrose - MikoloEvah introduces Ambrose - MikoloEvah introduces Ambrose - MikoloEvah introduces Ambrose - Mikolo



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