Gomesi Glam At Cathy Tamale?s Introduction Ceremony

Cathy Tamale

By Robert K James

From the very beginning, 2018 promised to be a very fashion forward year for brides-to-be and so far, for us here at Mikolo Uganda Wedding Community, we haven?t been disappointed at all.

Right from Kukyala events (first visit) to the customary weddings, also commonly known as the introduction ceremony or Kwanjula/Kuhingira and to the white wedding, where vows are exchanged.

Despite the current political misgivings, we are able to bring you a few shots of the gomesi glam from Cathy Tamale?s introduction ceremony.

It was a true representation of culture, fashion and standard, worth the hype that it was given by the bride herself before it event happened. Personally, I stared in admiration of the uniformity of her entourage, not mention the beauty of the bride and her entire team?.Wow!!! I almost forgot that my friend Bobi is incarcerated somewhere but that?s not our story to tell.

Cathy and her team?s bridal wear was chic and contemporary.

Photography by: Beny Popie