Bridal Lingerie: Glossary For You

Babydoll: A loose fitting nightgown which usually reaches just below the hips. A babydoll is usually sleeveless, with spaghetti straps or cap sleeves and is often made of silk or sheer material like chiffon or lace, and is characterized by having a tight band just underneath the bust. A babydoll may have a split down the middle, beginning below the bust. Extra frills and ruffles are sometimes featured on a babydoll.

Body stocking: A close-fitting one-piece garment made of stretchy, sheer material, much like regular stockings for the legs. A body stocking often reaches down to the ankles and features a high neckline with full-length sleeves. Somebody stockings also feature a cheeky peep-hole (often to make going to the bathroom a wee (ha!) easier).

Boy legs: These are worn by women, not boys, and are also known as boy shorts, tap panties or booty shorts. Boy legs are a style of low-cut underwear which entirely cover the hips and flatter most women?s ?booties?! Boy legs come in a range of colours and styles, some featuring frills, ruffles and/or lace panels.

Bra: Whilst an everyday bra is designed to offer comfort and support, a lingerie bra is inherently different. Post-dress-drop, your bra may not stay on for very long so practicality isn?t necessarily the key. Lingerie bras are designed to wow your man so they may include push-up features, revealing half cups, lace, ribbons, bows, jewels, tassels, vibrant prints, and/or frills.

Brocade: A rich fabric, with an intricately embossed pattern, popularly used in corsets and bustiers.

Bustier: A close-fitting strapless top, which hugs a woman?s figure and pushes up her breasts to add extra cleavage. Many bustiers feature boning, to add extra support and shapeliness. Traditionally, a bustier was worn in addition to a corset but nowadays, they are often incorporated into one piece.

Charmeuse: A lightweight fabric popularly used in chemises and other lingerie items. The fabric is woven with silk threads to give a shiny satin appearance on the front. Cheaper versions sometimes substitute the silk for polyester.

Chemise: A chemise is similar to a babydoll in that it is a short sleeveless nightgown. However, a chemise tends to be a little tighter fitting than a babydoll. Much like a babydoll, a chemise isn?t buttoned up or fastened but is a one-piece slip-on garment and can be worn with or without a bra.

Corset: Also known as a waist cincher. Traditionally, a corset was worn around the trunk of a woman?s body. It featured whale boning and was laced up to restrict the woman?s waistline. These days, corsets aren?t as restrictive but do offer support and shapeliness. They usually feature wire boning, or elastic, and often incorporate a bustier. Some corsets lace up whilst others are fastened or buttoned. A one-piece corset is strapless and may push-up the breasts to add extra cleavage. Corsets come in a range of colours and may feature brocade fabric, lace, ruffles and/or tassels. Corsets are sure to turn the heat up in the bedroom, no matter what style you choose.

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