The Victoria Ballroom, A Venue Of Beauty?Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort

Victoria Ball Room at Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort

By Robert K James

If you have ever wondered why the Victoria ballroom is one of the first indoor wedding venues to be fully booked throughout the year, then, in these pictures lies your answer. Good may have created Mother Nature but man created architecture and spiced it with art to suit his envisions of perfect beauty.

The Victoria ballroom at Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort is a venue of beauty. On a good day, given the right embellishment, it can turn into a heavenly place.

For this particular wedding, the 600-guest seater was decorated in gold, white and glass before Watson Photography stepped in to capture for us these breathing shots. Gold in a golden place. Quite magnificent.

Note: If you?re the kind of couple that fancies an all-white wedding, then just book a music service provider and remind your decorator to carry only white flowers because the tables, linen & napkins (all white in colour) and cutlery are all provided once you book for this venue at UGX 7.5 million shillings. Don?t forget to book the right photographer to capture your lifetime event moments.

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