Ebonies Actress Julie Underwood Introduces Farouk Sempala.

Celebrities seldom settle. So goes the stereo type. And when one or two do. We get super excited!

Julie underwood a famous ebonies actress over the weekend took the love of her life Farouk Sempala to see her parents. As preparations were going on, many thought it was just rumors owing to the fact that the two were formerly in public relationships. But the two finally silenced these critics when they ?took the relations hip to another level.?

For the star that she is, Julie totally fulfilled our expectations with her choice of dress. Underwood changed into two different sets of astonishing bridals gomesis. For her first appearance she awed in a red and gold bead sprinkled gomesi. Then later crowned it all with vibrant green and cream elegance. She also had beautiful henna patterns drawn onto her glowing light skin. Farouk on the flip side look duper in a baby blue fitting blazer on top of the traditional Kiganda dress-the kanzu

However on the downside, the make-up happened not to seat well with the face. It actually masked her beauty. It made her look like a totally different person altogether. Never the less, the introduction was amazing and her close friends wouldn?t help but litter the internet with the awesome pictures from this lovely union.

Congratulations Julie and Farouk. You have truly overcome.