8 Fantastic Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Colours

Planning a wedding is quite an exciting experience for the couple. Top of the list of considerations is the wedding colour/s, as the couple aims to leave a lasting impression in the guest?s mind. How, then, do you choose the right colours for your wedding? Below are a few tips.

Consider the wedding location.

The wedding venue determines the colour combinations that you can use. For example, bright colours like orange, yellow and pink are suitable for outdoor weddings.

For beach weddings, colours like aqua, turquoise, and teal will complement the colors of the sea beautifully. For indoor weddings, bright colors combined with black, silver or gray are appropriate.

Decide what mood you want to set.

The first thing your guests observe when they get to the venue is the wedding colour. You need to choose colours that will not only sweep them off their feet but also put them in the right mood. For instance, a black and white combination is formal, while pinks and yellows create a playful mood.

The colors should match the season

A wedding that takes place during hot, sunny weather can have either bright, flowery colours or their toned-down versions.

If you expect to have your wedding ceremony during the rainy or cold seasons, choose colours that will brighten up the grayed-up atmosphere. Using exciting colours for a wedding on a cold day will make your guests more cheerful.

Go with what you love.

If you and your partner have a favorite colour or a favorite flower, use either as a basis for your wedding colour scheme. The chances of your colour scheme turning out great are higher if you go with something that you love.

Also, you can choose a similar colour if the exact colour you want is not wedding friendly. Remember that the guests should see your personality in your color scheme.

Pick a colour that is effortless to find.

To ensure the consistency of your colour scheme all around the venue, pick an easily available colour. You do not want to find that your bridesmaids are wearing different shades of your favorite color.

To simplify the process, select a standard base colour and then combine it with a unique colour.

Do your research

There is plenty of online information on colour combinations. View the different colour combinations, and check out the trending colours for the season when you intend to wed.

Consult the Colour Wheel

The colour wheel comes in very handy when choosing colours for a wedding. Select your primary colour, and then decide if you want to combine it with the colour directly opposite, or the ones next to it.

Don?t choose more than four colours.

While too little colour appears boring, too much colour disturbs the eye. Choose your base colour and its complement, and then use additional colours sparingly. Most people prefer sticking to two colours while others make it three.

Choosing your wedding colour is not that hard after all. Follow these simple steps, and people will be talking about your beautiful wedding for a long time!