Jamelia Displays Class And Experience In Decor At Rony And Jenns Wedding Reception At Fairway Hotel

Rony and Jenn’s wedding was not just any wedding. It was given the proverbial touch of gold.Gold that is usually associated with class and extravagance. Both literally and practically, the gurus at Jamellia productions managed to pull of an expensive theme. Expensive because gold and white can look ugly if the décor garb is misallocated. But they managed to create a display of magnificence. An ensemble of pure class at work. First, it was that they had a gold carpet. I mean, do you see those every day? They are as rare as gold itself. But that chaps yanked it out of their creativity cache says a lot about their décor bounty. A gold carpet for the bride and groom to walk on and feel like they’re entering heaven. Rare stuff, really.

Anyway, they also didn’t disappoint on the other fronts. Designing their space at the Fairway Hotel to feel and look like a swanky location in Mombasa. From the flowing chandelier, dazzling table tops to flowers with lighter, shimmery drooping shades for colors, and golden napkins and chair draping and light pink table colors that complimented the theme. A display of class and extravagance, what Jamelia productions did. See for yourself.

The golden carpet

The dazzling table tops

Only the maestros know how they pulled this off

The bride and groom paradise

Pictorial view of the bride and groom fortress

The classic table tops

The swanky chandelier do

Extravagance at its best