Photos-Bloven Events’ Magnificent And Jaw Dropping Decor At Alex & Maureen’s Wedding

Decor by: Bloven Events

We are all have something we are born for. Or born to do. We start living when we find out what this purpose is. The maestros at Bloven can decorate! This team has mastered the art of making our hearts skip beats with their enthralling works of art.

The décor at Alex and Maurine’s wedding was ravishing. The whole ensemble was dropping with floral. Not the ordinary playful bright colored. These were warm colored flowers which were cock-tailed together to create a summer evening feel. Bloven also used colored lights that made the brilliant white curtains that created a wall look pinkish. With the lighting and delicate decor, the atmosphere automatically stepped into a cozy mode. From The red carpet walk ways the dangling chandelier to the winning center pieces we would go on and on about this decor all day! But Lets me not spoil this for you see for yourself;

The cocktail of florals

The red carpet aisle.

The brilliant white pillars merinated with flowers.

The just wedded fortress

The mood creating led lights