Should I Stay With My Partner The Night Before The Wedding?

A common dilemma couples about to walk down the aisle have is whether or not to stay together the night before their wedding day. It’s very common for couples that have been already cohabiting. So, where should you sleep the night before the wedding?

Pros of staying with your partner the night before the wedding:

It’ll be much easier to sleep as you usually do, with no huge disruption to your schedules. You may choose to stay in a hotel or at home, and sleeping in the arms of your fiancé may help you feel more secure and relaxed after a tiring day on the eve of your wedding. Your partner can help you to de-stress.

More often than people care to admit, it true that you may feel a bit nervous or worried, but it’s hard to get cold feet when your fiancé is lying right next to you to squash any worries you may have.

If you don’t have a bridal party (what is commonly known as the “Kasiki” among the Baganda) to spend the night before, then you may need to be with your better half. It’d be hard to be lonely with your spouse to be by your side.

Cons of staying with your partner the night before the wedding:

Like they say, everything has its advantages and disadvantages; likewise, there is a flip side to this notion of staying with you partner the night before the wedding.

You may not feel as much excitement walking down the aisle when the big day finally sets in. If you really want that moment to be the first time you’ve seen your lover in a day or two or even a week! If you crave that build up, some bit of anxiety and want a really emotional moment, then maybe staying apart is the best option for you.

You could take this opportunity to spend the night with your bridal party, sipping a few drinks and watching romcoms (romantic comedy) and enjoy your last night of being “single”. This is simply because if you decide to miss that, you may not get another chance anytime soon.

Another con of staying together on the night before the wedding may be that you risk it feeling like a regular night, particularly if you’ve been already cohabiting. You might want an element of sparkle…. maybe you are the type that likes to get excited and worked up rather than be ultra-chilled out. So if you want your wedding night to be a special one, then you gonna have to stay away from you partner on the eve of the dream day.

Somewhere in the middle

If you’re still not sure or crave the best of both worlds, consider a first-look. You could still get the pre-wedding fun with your piffles and extinguish any nerves you both have prior to meeting at the altar.

If a first-look isn’t for you, then do an early morning breakfast with your love. This may be one of the only times all day that you get alone-savour it! Eat some delicious food together and enjoy the beginning of one of the best days of your life.