Pros And Cons Of A Long vs. Short Engagement

You?ve said ?yes? to the proposal and the newly engaged glow around you is real. And though the average length of an engagement is 15 months, some couples opt to wed within months of a proposal, while others wait years (and years, and years). Once you?ve had a minute to settle into your engagement and are actually ready to start thinking about your wedding, it?s time to consider possible dates.

Is a long or short engagement right for you? Read on for some key considerations.

Long Engagement

Pro: You have more time to save money.

Weddings are expensive. If you?re paying for your own wedding, a longer engagement gives you a chance to save money or spread out the spending, and helps you avoid going into debt.

Pro: Wedding planning won?t take over every spare minute of your life.

If you?ve only got five months to plan your big day, you?d better believe your free time will be spent deciding on colors, venue, guest list and bridesmaids dresses. A longer engagement means you can break up your to-do list and not feel quite so overwhelmed. You may even have a wedding planning lull