What Should Your Bridesmaids Pay For?

We know that asking your bridesmaids to pay for certain things can be tough, and it can get awkward when your expectations don?t line up with theirs?especially when they?re doing so much to support you already. Whether it?s coordinating the bridal shower or some of your service providers, be honest about what you expect from your crew, up front about all costs associated with their commitment, and willing to compromise wherever you can.

Although it?s often an uncomfortable thing to discuss financial needs, it?s important to be open and straightforward about what you expect from your bridesmaids in respect with financial support or contribution towards your wedding. After all, we expect them to be your close friends. If you?re gracious and understanding, they will be too.

Traditionally, when you choose someone to be your bridesmaid, that?s all it is. Oftentimes, they only have to go with you to make shopping for the dresses or be measured if their attires are going to be tailored. For some cases, simply just sit back and wait to be assigned specific tasks to perform on your special day. However, a few things have changed in modern day weddings especially when it comes to financial contributions. To get the conversation started, here?s a complete guide to what bridesmaids are and aren?t typically expected to pay for.

Wedding Ensemble

Bridesmaid dresses, shoes and accessories (including jewelry, unless you?re gifting it to them) are their responsibility.

Bridal Shower