Styling Your Bridesmaids In Mismatched Dresses

Wedding trends come and go and determining for yourself exactly which trends (if any) to incorporate into your big day can be a pretty tricky task. Because trust me, none of us want to look back on our wedding photos in 20 years and think, ?Why did I do that!??

Styling your besties in mismatched bridesmaid dresses has been a huge trend for the past few years. And as popular as it still is, we?re slowly starting to see brides revert to having all of their girls dressed in the same style.

So how do you decide what?s best for your own wedding? Here are some points to get you thinking about whether you should go the route of mismatched bridesmaid dresses or styling your girls in all the same look.

Styling Your Bridesmaids In Mismatched Dresses

Allowing your girls to decide which dress they want to wear at your wedding gives them the freedom and the opportunity to choose a style that best suits their personality. And while grandma might think the look is a bit ?untraditional?, it?s totally ok to break the tradition of having uniformed bridesmaids and to go with a look that you and your ?maids would prefer.

Now, when I say mismatched bridesmaid dresses, I?m not saying that every girl is in totally different colors and lengths, etc. I?m also referring to girls wearing the same color but different styles; or maybe you may have the same style and different colors. That is all upon your decision.

But before you take the final leap into having a mismatched bridal party, consider the pros & cons of styling all of your girls in something a little different.

Bridesmaids in mismatched outfits

PROS to Mismatched Dresses:

  • It?s a trendy and unique idea: