Pre-wedding Skin Care Tips

Looking to get a gorgeous wedding day glow? We?ve got you covered. From sudden breakouts to sun damage, read our expert advice on how to tackle some of the most common skin care dilemmas ? and get a camera ready for your day ? below.

What if I break out a few days before my wedding?
If you just have a whitehead or two, don?t fret. Your makeup artist can easily cover up small pimples with a few dabs of concealer. Just remember: Don?t try to pop your zits! It?s much harder to try to hide an infected scab than it is to cover up a tiny blemish. If your breakout is more serious (think: deep, painful cysts), a trip to the dermatologist might be in order.

How do I prevent pimples on my back?
If your wedding dress is strapless or has a plunging back, the last thing you need is a bacne breakout.