Another couple that didn’t wait for 2017; Nina introduces Andrew

On a bright day, the heart-warming tender sunshine from the blue skies kissed the white tents that had been decorated in pink; pink seats and cloths that covered the round tables with a fruit basket at the center of each. Mineral water bottles, sodas and splash further beautified the tables.

Flower stands adorned the center stage of the venue with a glittering canopy of fairy lights hanging across the space.

Nina wore a beautiful red Gomesi before changing into another that was cream with green sleeves. She had a stunning hair-do with courteous ice-ear-pins that complimented her elementary makeup.

On the other, her handsome hubby Andrew turned up in a white Kanzu with a grey coat that had a small blue flower pinned on it plus eyeglasses. He really looked exquisite in the outfit.

The couple had traditional dancers that entertained their guests.

Make up by: Suki the Outfit Destination