Gorgeous Masitura introduces Musa in an epic introduction | Dynamic Wedding Photography

It is often said that time waits for no man. Indeed it doesn't and that's why Masitura couldn't wait for 2017 to introduce her better half Musa to her sweet family, relatives and friends. 

While 2016 was winding up, a gorgeous sylph Masitura, who, given her brown skin chose a black outfit as she acquainted her parents with the love of her life Musa in heroic introduction. 

Musa together with his best man were cloaked in Kanzus and exquisite sliver-grey coats with Moslem caps on their heads. Masitura on the other hand came out in a captivating black Gomesi before changing into a beautiful purple Gomesi.  

Her jewelry was indescribably stunning but the elegance of her makeup stole the show as she came out dancing to beats to welcome Musa home.

Photography By: Dynamic wedding Photography