You need an event planner: Lessons from Rovio and Josephine’s cake fight

A forced smile in the middle of a disappointment was all Rovio and her hubby could afford when they arrived at the reception of their wedding. It looked as if the place had been setup for a ‘Niggina party’ (small event for a local community SACCO)

Right from the entrance, it looked as if the decor service provider had been forced to their job. Not only did they get it wrong with the colours but also simply failed to find the smallest clusters of flowers to brighten up the place.

While Rovio and her sweetheart braved up and bore with the hapless decoration, their frustrations were further worsened when they set sights on their wedding cake. It was a disaster!!

Besides not being decorated but rather just filled with icing sugar and laced with a some golden ribbons, the couple later found out that the cake was also burnt and allegedly rotten. It had such a bad taste that they will never forget and will forever regret hiring Josephine as their cake vendor. It was a cold day in hell on their wedding night.

Revelers at the reception also intimated to us that Josephine had to be first called in heated phone call prior to delivering the cake, shortly before the main celebrants arrived at the reception. In an unsatisfying explanation, Josephine said and I quote, ?I thought the wedding was supposed to be on the next day and not today,? which begs the question on when the cake must fully be ready. Is it a day or two before the wedding or on the wedding day? Definitely the answer to that can?t be the latter.

Given the importance and respect that a cake commands for one’s wedding, Rovio couldn’t have had it any worse for her guests. Imagine when all the fun you imagined and fantasized about for ages turns into a heartbreak and frustration.

Our sources have since discovered that the bride is seeking a refund of UGX. 500,000 from Josephine for the pain and misery she put her through on her dream night. Whether she makes that refund or not, the damage has already been done and nothing else can be done to rectify that.

Back at the reception, it all looked as if the wedding didn?t have anyone mobilizing the service providers to perform their respective duties, and that is why you need an event planner to help you avoid the stress and disappointment on a joyous day like this.

A wedding planner as a personal assistant who will help you to oversee that every detail of the wedding is as you would have it. Given their wide knowledge in the wedding industry, their intentions can only be making your dream day a success. And Mikolo has raised the bar so high in this field and will deliver quality service. Get in touch with us.